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Pocket Spring Mattress Luxury Line

The micropocket- spring mattress Luxury Line offers a top- class sleeping experience because of its seven ergonomic lying- zones. Three different degrees of hardness ensure the perfect mattress for every sleeper type. The comfort- padding made of 2 different cold foam- layers offers in combination with the mattress topper a perfectly upholstered lying surface. The mattress Luxury Line is combinable with all box spring beds.

Created with Sketch.34 CMhight7zones1-3hardness

Pocket spring core

The micropocket- pocket spring core consists of extremely small pocket springs, which ensure an excellent point elasticity. Inside a mattress (size 90 x 200 cm) are 17 x 45 springs with a wire thickness of 1,8 and 1,6 mm. They are separately sewed into special fleece pockets but still connected to each other. The springs can all swing freely. The mattress has seven ergonomic lying zones and is available in 3 different hardness degrees.


The spring core is covered by 600g/m2 mixed fiber and a comfort padding made of 2 different layers of cold foam. The stable sidebridges made of 6cm PUR ether foam ensure a high edge stability. The mattress cover is made of luxurious Jaquard drill, which is provided with a high- quality single needle stitching. The handles of the mattress cover make it easy to turn the mattress. On request we can also deliver the mattress with a removable double- cloth cover.

Luxury Line details

Spring core Micropocket- spring core 12 cm, 7 zones, wires 1,4/1,3 mm
Cover Luxusdrell mit Sanitized Ausrüstung, versteppt mit 380 g/m² Polyestervlies und 200 g/m² Baumwoll-Linters
Padding spring core cover 600 g/m² Thermofilz, Komfort-Polsterung 6 cm aus zwei verschiedenen Schichten HR-Kaltschaum, stabile Seitenstege 6 cm breit aus Polyätherschaum
Hight 24 cm ohne Topper
Hardness grade 1 (soft), 2 (mittel), 3 (fest)
Topper Topper with 8 cm of cold foam which will be covered by a jersey cover as well as by a high- quality double-cloth cover. This cover you can remove with the help of a zipper and wash it.