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Pocket spring mattress Beauty Dream

The pocket spring mattress Beauty Dream is our best- selling mattress model. 5 lying zones and a mattress height of 22 cm ensure a comfortable lying surface and an optimal price/performance ratio. In combination with the bed bottom part Deluxe you receive a high- quality and long- lasting hotel box spring bed, which also cuts a good figure in your own bedroom.

Specs Beauty Dream23 CMhight5zones2+3hardness

Pocket spring core

The core of the mattress is a high- quality Punktoflaex Maxi 5- zones- pocket spring core with a wire thickness of 1,8 mm and a height of approx. 15 cm. With a bed size of 90/200 cm there will be 13 x 32= 416 tonnen springs, which are all sewed separately into fleece pockets. This ensures a high point elasticity. This spring core you can also find in the luxury mattress California Dream.


The spring core is covered by 600g/m2 mixed fiber and 3,5 cm cold foam. The stable sidebridges made of 6cm PUR ether foam ensure a high edge stability. The mattress cover is made of luxurious Jaquard drill, which is provided with a high- quality single needle stitching. Furthermore are both sides quilted with 380g/m2 puff fleece and 200g/m2 cotton linters. The handles of the mattress cover make it easy to turn the mattress. On request we can deliver the mattress with a removable double- cloth cover.

Beauty Dream Details im Überblick

Federkern Punktofläx 5-Zonen-Taschenfederkern 15 cm hoch, 5 Liegezonen, Drahtstärke 1,8/1,6 mm, 13 x 32 Federn bei Bettgröße 90/200 cm
Matratzenbezug Luxusdrell mit Sanitized Ausrüstung, versteppt mit 380 g/m² Polyestervlies und 200 g/m² Baumwoll-Linters
Abpolsterung Federkern-Abdeckung aus 600 g/m² Thermofilz, Polsterung 3,5 cm aus PE-Schaum (RG 40), stabile Seitenstege 6 cm breit aus Polyätherschaum
Matratzenhöhe 23 cm ohne Topper
Härtegrade 2 (mittel), 3 (fest)
Topper-Empfehlung Tencel-Topper, mit Klettband oder Eckgummiband an der Matratze befestigt

Aufbau der Matratze