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Box spring Luxury Line

A dream of a box spring bed comes true. The box spring bed Luxury Line is our top-of-the-line model. With two spring cores in the base, a pocketed coil spring mattress and a comfortable cold foam cover you will give you a sleeping length of 65 cm.


*B2C prices incl. 19% german taxes


The special resting comfort of the Luxury Line bed will be ensured through the double suspension with Bonnell spring and pocket spring cores in the bottom part of the bed. The suspension is made of a 5- gear Bonnell spring core (height of 12,5 cm, wire thickness of 2,4 mm). With a bed size of 90 cm you will have 8 x 22= 176 Bonnell springs. On top of that will be also a pocket spring core of 12 cm with 13 x 32= 416 tonnen pocket springs sewed in fleece bags.

Comfortable hight

The distinctive sleeping hight of 70 cm provides a comfortable get in / out. The design fits perfect to larger rooms.

Pocket spring mattress

The micropocket- pocket spring mattress Luxury Line offers a top- class sleeping experience because of its seven ergonomic lying- zones. Three different degrees of hardness ensure the perfect mattress for every sleeper type. The comfort- padding made of 2 different cold foam- layers offers in combination with the mattress topper a perfectly upholstered lying surface.


The Luxury Line buttoned headboard is a properly padded 130 cm extension for your box spring. But you can also combine with different types of models. Just have a look at the other headboards.

Luxury Line highlights

Luxury Line - technical specifications

Wooden frame Gabun- wood core plywood (thickness of 19mms)
Spring core 5- gear Bonnell spring core (height of 12,5 cm, wire thickness of 2,4 mm) + core of 12 cm with 13 x 32= 416 pocket springs sewed in fleece bags
Spring cover Thermofilz 800 g/m²
Padding All around the bed will be padded with high quality PUR- ether- foam material
Hight approx. 72 cm